5 E-Commerce Content Marketing Best Practices [Video]

Sales are always the top priority for an e-commerce site. However, a complementary content marketing strategy can not only improve the site’s blog integration, but it can also encourage shopping. In this video, we discuss the most common content pitfalls on e-commerce sites and how to avoid them.

Video Transcription

Hey, everyone, Ross, founder of Siege Media here, and today we’re gonna talk about “E-commerce Content Marketing Best Practices.” A common client set we have is e-commerce, so we’ve learned a bit about that over time. I wanna share some common tips I’ve been thinking about recently that we deploy and recommend to clients or potential clients.

Have a Harmonious Blog Setup

One that I see very often on e-commerce sites that is worth mentioning is the setup of the blog experience. So, I think it is especially common in e-commerce to basically be disconnected from the main site and also be on a subdomain for a …

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