5 Digital Pillars of E-commerce with CEO Harry Gold [Video]

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The major drive for marketers today is to get people to immediately click, buy, engage, and consume. However, many companies don’t know the basic channels and tactics when it comes to digital marketing. So, how can you drive success in your e-commerce or omni-channel organization? In his keynote presentation at the NEMOA Fall Summit, CEO Harry Gold revealed the five digital pillars of e-commerce and simple tactics you can use right now to boost your ROI.

Read the summary of the channels below to get quick tips and best practices that drive e-commerce success. You can also watch the full NEMOA Fall Summit keynote and grab the slides to follow along here.

1 . SEO

Search Engine Optimization is where targeting and timing intersect! With SEO, you are reaching the right audiences when they are looking for what you sell.

Make sure your company does the following:

  • Document, prioritize and share your target terms …
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