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5 Creative Optimization Tips for Social Casino UA [Video]

Grab the attention of high-value social casino players with these user acquisition strategies.

Social casino games are immensely popular, with mobile apps making up the bulk of the billion-dollar category. While that’s good news for social casino publishers, it also means that the genre is becoming increasingly crowded. With more and more apps vying for smartphone users’ attention, publishers need to get creative to attract those high-value, long-term users known in the industry as “whales”.

At yellowHEAD, that’s exactly what we do. We use a combination of marketing expertise and machine learning to optimize ad creative to drive ROAS. Want to learn how we can help you achieve your growth goals? Get in touch!

We’ve looked at our data and several other sources to find ways for social casino advertisers to hook new players and reduce churn. Ready to learn more? Let’s get started!

Make Those First Seconds Count

Mobile ads have about three …

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Social Media Marketing

Book Club Discussion the 12-Month Digital Marketing Planner by Brandon Breshears Aviation Business Consultants [Video]

Not one of our best technically-produced episodes, and a great example of things we need to fix when we take our "show on the road!" John, Mickey and Paula discuss the 12 Month Digital Marketing Planner by Brandon Breshears, planners in general, and general craziness.