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4 ways to network during COVID-19 [Video]

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What once involved meeting for coffee or chatting at an industry event has turned into Zoom calls and LinkedIn messages.

Communicators must still grow their network during COVID-19, but how can you accomplish this virtually? Content creator and influencer Camille Johnson recently shared on Career Hacks’ YouTube channel several helpful tips to connect and strengthen your network while you work from home.

Here are a few things you can do today to network virtually during COVID-19:

1. Lean on existing connections.

If you have a specific person you’d like to speak with, look at your mutual connections on LinkedIn or Twitter, and ask for an introduction. Reach out to your existing network and ask if there’s anyone they could recommend as well, being as specific as possible.

In the video, Lizz, an actress and professional college mentor, offers this advice:

Think of your network almost like a family tree. It should never stop with just one. And say, “Listen, …

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