4 Ways to Improve Online Order Management [Video]

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Inspired by our recent Tips in Ten collaboration with Linnworks, we’ve rounded up four ways that ecommerce merchants can optimise and automate order management in order to successfully navigate the COVID-19 retail climate.

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For the fourth episode of our Tips in Ten YouTube series, Swanky’s UK Head of Growth, Matt Abbott, caught up with Andrew Thomson, Partnerships Manager at Linnworks, to explore the key topic of order management — providing guidance to help retailers manage customer expectations, automate order management and overcome fulfilment challenges.

Linnworks is an inventory and order management system that helps retailers automate their entire online selling process, across their ecommerce platforms and multiple marketplaces. To find out more about Linnworks and the benefits it offers retailers, check out their website.

Below we’ve hand-picked four important tips from Matt and Andrew’s Tips in Ten discussion. Don’t forget to check out the full Q&A session linked at the end of this post!

#1 Manage consumers’ …

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