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4 Simple Business Tips I’d Give My Younger Self | Follow These And You WILL Be Successful [Video]

In this brand new video, I share with you 4 critical business tips that I wish I knew when I was starting my first business.
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Have you ever heard people tell you that you need to be passionate and love what you’re doing to be successful?


Just because you’re passionate doesn’t mean you’re gonna make money and do well in business.

Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m gonna share with you
four business concepts and advice that I would have given my younger self.

0:41 #1 is FOCUS!

Yes, you may be passionate about what you’re doing, but just because you’re passionate, it doesn’t mean you’re gonna make money.

Passion just means you’re gonna put in the time and energy into whatever your idea is.

It means that you’re not gonna give up.

And should you have …

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