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4 Reasons to Stop Spamming Social Media Channels [Video]

On March 21, 2006 a small tech startup in San Francisco launched a new web service. It was meant to engage users in a dialogue with short, to-the-point messages as opposed to long posts.

Twitter did more than engage their users. They helped usher in a new era of brand-to-customer communication. Where the communication highway used to be one way, brand-to-consumer, today it’s a 2-way street.

In short, brands that only broadcast are becoming brands that are ignored.

Social Media is not just another platform to project your company’s agenda. It’s a place for genuine, two-way communication that builds relationships between you and your customers. When planning and producing your social media calendar, remember the following reasons not to plug your company initiatives in every post.

Social Media is Increasingly Ad-Blind  

This isn’t the Broadcast Era.

Just because you have a Facebook page and a Twitter account doesn’t mean you should plaster your message everywhere. Social media is about building …

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Social Media Marketing

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