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4 Lessons from Brands that Got Inclusive Marketing Right. [Video]

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Have you ever felt out of place when shopping for clothes online because you couldn’t relate to the body type projected on the screen? If so, you’re not alone. 

Only the other day I was looking to buy some activewear online and again it hit me how the fashion industry still has a looong way to go before brands truly represent models of all ages, shapes, and races. 

Not one model wearing leggings was bigger than a size 2!  

Now how was I, a person who didn’t have a visible thigh gap, supposed to know what a legging would look like on my body shape? 


Fortunately, the world hasn’t given up on people who aren’t skinny. After tweaking the search term on Google, I did manage to find several brands that showed representation in models that didn’t look touched up and high-fashioned. 

My argument for the lack of representation in …

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