3 Ways to use eCommerce Product Video to Increase Conversions

Ever wonder how you could make your product pages better? You can see traffic is visiting your product pages… but why aren’t they buying?

The trouble is if you are driving traffic to your website be it free or paid… if you are not making sales – that budget it not being particularly well utilised. This is why you need to be doing everything in your power to turn website traffic into paying customers.

Product Page Optimisation Tip: Use video on your product pages and landing pages.

video optimisation for ecommerce

Use video on your website. It is a great tool for educating customers and adding the right kind of video to your pages can really bump up your conversions.

When you get this right you can convert more of your traffic into paying customers, get more return on investment and start to scale up your eCommerce business.

3 types of e-commerce product videos …

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American entrepreneur Rachel Tipograph is the co-founder of MikMak, one of the fastest-growing woman-led startups of 2020-21.