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3 Reasons You Should Never Edit Your Facebook Ads [Video]

3 Reasons You Should Never Edit Your Facebook Ads

You may be tempted to edit your Facebook Ads if they aren’t performing the way you want. Or you might be thinking you are just going to tweak them a bit to see if they do a little better.  Don’t do it!

Here are 3 reasons why you should never edit your Facebook Ads and what you should do instead.

#1 Editing Your Facebook Ads Stops Their Momentum

Any change to your Facebook ads will most likely affect the performance.  Not always but it can really stop the momentum of the ad which you don’t want.

Keep any ad that is doing well running!

#2 Editing Your Facebook Ads Messes Up Your Reports

The biggest problem is that your Facebook reporting is messed up.  You may not remember when the change happened and you certainly won’t remember 6 months from now when you are reviewing what you tested.

Yes you can look at the Change Log and find out but that’s a pain!

Always have a descriptive title in your ads and ad sets so …

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