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27 Best LinkedIn Automation Tools – Klint Marketing [Video]

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LinkedIn is a great place to reach out directly to decision makers, build your network and eventually do more sales.

It is damn effective platform, but it takes time and effort to work it.

What if I told you can do it at scale by using few simple LinkedIn automation tools?

Before we get into all the exciting ones, let’s wrap our heads around lead generation and business nature on LinkedIn.

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What is LinkedIn automation?

Automation in general is streamlining a manual process with processes and software tools.

LinkedIn’s automation is an outbound strategy meant for building networks or selling products and services. You guessed it, the software is part of it to make it scalable and painless.

Some even call it a growth hack.

This technique is used for generating leadson the platform, as it hosts most business professionals. By reaching out to the …

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