7 Invisible Obstacles to Digital Marketing Success
7 Invisible Obstacles to Digital Marketing Success
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25 smart ways to make money online !! Wix.com [Video]


25 smart ways to make money online !! Wix.com

25 smart ways to make money online !!

. How to make money online:
. Advertise on your website
. Design websites
. Create a blog
. Open an online store
. Start dropshipping
. Offer paid memberships
. Sell secondhand goods
. Sell photographs
. Offer print on demand
. Begin freelancing
. Write online reviews
. Publish an eBook
. Get into vlogging
. Create video tutorials
. Set up an online course
. Rent out your home
. Become an affiliate marketer
. Work as a translator
. Try content writing
. Become a brand ambassador
. Build an app
. Invest in stocks
. Do social media consulting
. Tutor online
. Become a life coach

01. Advertise on your website

Just by having a site of your own, you can start earning passive income. There are just a handful of steps you’ll need to take to build a website that makes money online. First you’ll need to choose from one of many professionally designed website templates, select a domain name and get free website hosting. Then you can begin thinking about the different routes toward monetizing your website.

One proven method time and again is online advertising. You can use Google AdSense to place ads on your website. This option is relatively easy as Google matchs ads to your site based on your content and visitors, plus it’s free. Google then pays you based on the number of views or clicks you get on the ads.


It’s a great way to generate passive income, while you focus on creating content on your site. It’s a hands off way to make money.

It requires low level resources to get started, once you have your website and Google Adsense connected.


You have have limited control over the content and quality of the ads shown on your site. Yes, Google has policies in place to prevent inappropriate content being shown but you may not have full content over what is shown and how your site visitors will respond to it. Sometimes the content of ads, or just having too many ads on your site can turn visitors off.

Predicting how much money you can make from ads on your site can be tricky, as user numbers and clicks can fluctuate based on targeting. On top of this, Google takes a commission off everything you earn through them which can reduce your final revenue.

02. Design websites

Whether it’s something you have experience in or you’re a natural at, designing websites can be an excellent source of income. In fact, web designers are always in demand as the industry exponentially grows. That said, you’ll need to make a name for yourself in order to stand out. Working with the right clients can help optimize your web design portfolio and highlight your talents.

So, you might be asking yourself, “How do I find my ideal customer?” Joining a distinguished online marketplace for website designers is the best possible way to start generating qualified leads. You’ll get a platform to help you showcase your work, set your price rate and get matched with potential clients who are looking to hire your services. You can also consider partnering with companies that grant you access to special web design tools. As a Wix Partner, you’ll get professional resources and be able to enlist the expert help of a company account manager dedicated to increasing your sales funnel conversion.


Designing websites, especially sites for large businesses can be very lucrative.

Freelance web designers tend to have a lot of flexibility in their working day and schedules, which is a large positive for many creatives.


Navigating client expectations and communication can be tricky.

Working as a freelance creative also involves a large amount of networking and drumming up business for yourself.

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