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17 Engagement-Ticking Super Bowl Social Media Posts to Inspire You. [Video]

The time has come for brands to put on their game face as America’s biggest sporting event is just around the corner.

There’s no other event like the Super Bowl to attract an enormous, US audience. Not only are millions of viewers going to be glued to their television screens, but they’ll also be actively engaged in the social media chatter.

According to the Neilson report, Super Bowl drew nearly 100 million TV viewers and 44 million social media interactions across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in 2020. The game was the most social TV program and the most social TV telecast in the past year.

If you ask me, brands shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to inject themselves into conversations surrounding the Super Bowl when the stakes are this high!

To understand how brands could leverage the Super Bowl, we used Unmetric Discover, now a part of Searching through hundreds of thousands of Super Bowl-related branded …

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