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100% Free YouTube Marketing Course 📈 How To Get More Views on YouTube [Video]

100% Free YouTube Marketing Course 📈 How To Get More Views on YouTube

#1 Free YouTube Marketing Course 🏆 No Ads 🚫 No Pitches 🚫 No B.S. 🚫 Learn the trick to force the YouTube algorithm to get you more views on YouTube! I’ve never revealed these YouTube marketing strategies before!

Over the course of four years in publishing nearly 700 videos to YouTube I have uncovered the secrets that unlock the YouTube algorithm to drive traffic, viewers and subscribers, fast in 2021.

This video is the most comprehensive guide to the YouTube marketing strategy for 2021 that teaches how beginners and professional marketers alike can get more viewers, more subscribers, leads and customers from Video marketing.

If you’ve been looking for a full course or marketing tutorial that teaches how to leverage videos and YouTube to grow your business, this is the only video you need.

The description will contain all of the resources mentioned inside of this free YouTube video training. I recommend you copy and paste this description into a notepad on your computer so you have it for easy access later.

First, my copy editor is working on turning this marketing course into an e-book that you can download. Once it is completed I will send it to my email list, so if you would like to join my email list go here:

In the beginning of this video I mentioned a number of statistics regarding the growth and user numbers on YouTube in 2021. All of those statistics came from Youtube directly, here:

For my video that shows how to do keyword research for YouTube specifically, go here:

For my video that explains YouTube SEO and shows how to optimize your video for the YouTube search algorithm, go here:

For my pro level keyword research video that shows how I use the exact keyword research tool I prefer and use every day, watch this video:

For further optimization strategies be sure to watch this video:

Recommended gear and tech to create your YouTube videos are below. As mentioned in the video, I am an affiliate. This means if you click on one of these links and complete your purchase within 24 hours I will receive a commission and you pay the exact same price.

If you want to support my channel, purchasing through these links is a great option

First, the microphones that will allow you to make great videos from your cell phone:

The Shure MV88 microphone for iphone –

The Shure MV88 microphone for android (USB C connector) –

Now to hold your phone and connect it to a tripod, I recommend this MOVO phone holder –

Because it can hold an LED light, like this one: too!

Second up in the Youtube tech, here are the microphones that will allow you to produce your youtube videos from your laptop:

HyperX Quadcast –

Shure Mv7 USB mic –

A great USB headset –

And I record my webcam and/or my screen with this tool:

The exact ring light I have and love – (It’s less expensive than I remembered)

The soft boxes I have –

The sound blankets I use that have the grommets for hanging –

It is important to remember that the gear does not make the video. You do. Nothing works until you roll up your sleeves and start recording and publishing your YouTube videos.

is actually easy to buy all of the gear and sometimes that feels like we are “doing the work” when in reality, setting up your phone and starting to record while facing a bright window is enough to truly start.

Regardless of how much gear you buy and what gear you use to start, your first videos will be a little awkward and uncomfortable.

I recommend you take a look at my first videos so you can see how rocky of a start I had here on YouTube. All of my first YouTube videos are here in order:

when I started my YouTube channel I began by publishing 90 videos and 90 consecutive days. I call this doing a 90 day challenge and explain it here:

The goal of a 90 day challenge is to force you to get better at the act of making videos and to get comfortable with the process.

I go deeper into the process of growing your YouTube channel with a 90 day video challenge in this video:

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Heres a list of black friday deals for Wordpress on my website: friday is coming up soon and i created a list of some of the best black friday sales for wordpress. These sales are pretty good and if you are looking to snag some deals for your wordpress arsenal, these are worth taking a look!