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10 Ways to Create Delightful and User-Friendly Web Animation [Video]

Web animation is a great tool for improving the user experience. You can use motion to explain difficult concepts and make them easier to understand. Animations also enable us to add UI interactions to a site or app, which significantly increases engagement and ensures customers not only stick around for longer, but are also more likely to return to our clients’ websites. Web animation is therefore playing an increasingly important role in modern web and app development. However, delivering work that is not only pleasing to the eye and functional, but also informative, representative, and clear is a challenge that can be tricky to get right. 

For this article, we invited six web animation experts to share their top tips on adding motion to user interfaces. We’ll cover UX principles and best practices, CSS animation techniques, advice on creating more inclusive web animations, and more. As you can’t really talk …

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