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10 URL Shorteners to Quickly Help You Shorten Long Links [Updated] [Video]

Ain’t nobody got time for URLs like this: 

You gotta keep it tight: 

Ah, now that’s better.

By the way, do you like knowing how many people click on your links? And where those visitors live, as well as where those clicks came from?

Because the short URL can give you all of that information and more.

Bottom line: Short URLs are better.

You can use them to improve your marketing efforts and provide a better experience for your customers and social media followers.

In this article, you’ll learn all about URL shorteners, including which ones are most suitable for your specific needs.

“URL” stands for “Uniform Resource Locator,” and they’re a way of identifying the location of a file on the internet.

Is a URL the same as a domain name?

Well, no – although, the terms are often confused and used interchangeably. A domain name is just one part of a URL. …

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