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10 Things You Need for High Sales Month [Video]

10 Things You Need for High Sales Month

This video is about the 10 most important things you need for a high sales month..

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#contentmarketing #marketing #organicmarketing In this session, we are going to be talking about a method of generating leads and sales that has been responsible for almost all of the business that I have earned online, ever. Content marketing! LINKS: Join my Edupreneur Academy here: FREE Course Creation Starterkit: Sarah helps you create your own online courses and build a successful education-based business: Learn how to create your own profitable online courses: Join my Facebook group: Entrepreneur to EDUpreneur Facebook Group: WANT SOME HELP CREATING YOUR OWN AMAZING ONLINE COURSES? Here are 5 ways that I can help you create and publish your online courses: 1. FREE Course Creation Starter Kit: 2. Self-Study Online Course: 3. Group Coaching: 4. Done For You Services: 5. Private call: You can also email me on Sarahs Online Courses: Sarahs Amazon Books: Youtube: LinkedIn: Personal Facebook: Personal Web:

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Unsure about how to price your online course to sell?In today's video, I'm taking you through six questions to ask yourself when you're thinking about your online course pricing strategy.These six questions will help you evaluate the true value of your course so you can put a price on it confidently!Stay tuned!Don't forget to sign up for my free class to learn how to create your online course: FOR MORE BIZ INSPO:β™‘ β™‘ β™‘RESOURCES & LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS VIDEO:β†’ Need more help with your online course pricing? Snag my Online Course Pricing Guide here:β™‘ β™‘ β™‘LET’S BE BFF’S ON INSTAGRAM β†’ Can we be besties on the β€˜gram? I hang out in my IG stories daily and LOVE to re-post anything that you tag me in. Snap a pic of you watching this video or share your biggest takeaway, and I’ll share it with my audience!β™‘ β™‘ β™‘THINGS I RECOMMEND:β†’ FAVE BOOKS:β†’ BIZ SOFTWARE I USE: β†’ HOW TO START A BLOG: β™‘ β™‘ β™‘COME HANG WITH ME:blog | podcast | | facebook | pinterest | β™‘ β™‘ β™‘MORE β€πŸ’Œ Sign up for my weekly Insider Biz Tips Email:πŸ“šWant to make more sales on autopilot? Snag my Email Funnel Blueprints:πŸ™Œ My fave biz resources:πŸ’― Join the FREE Facebook Group:🎧 Listen to The Passive Project Podcast: Inquiries: hello@gemmabonhamcarter.comβ™‘ β™‘ β™‘Listen to The Passive Project PODCAST here:iTunes: Spotify:β™‘ β™‘ β™‘FREE FUNNEL BLUEPRINTS. Do you have a digital product - like an online course, membership, or templates - but aren’t making any sales? Grab my FREE Email Funnel Blueprints that will show you exactly how to create an email funnel so you can bring in leads and sales on autopilot. These are the exact funnels from my own business, where I welcome new students every single day into my programs! β™‘ β™‘ β™‘NOTE: This description contains affiliate links that allow you to find the items mentioned in this video and support the channel at no cost to you. Thank you for your support!β™‘ β™‘ β™‘Welcome to our channel - your place to learn about growing an online business that supports the life you want!My name is Gemma Bonham-Carter and I'm an online business strategist, educator, and host of The Passive Project Podcast. Subscribe for regular videos: