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10 Small Business Marketing Strategies On A Budget In 2020 [Video]

Top 10 Small Business Marketing Strategies on a Budget

It may sound trite, but no business can survive without marketing. 

In our age of constant sensory overload, it is not enough to offer an excellent product or service and hope that your clients will find you – you have to seek them out and aggressively make yourself visible actively. 

Unlike large corporations, just pumping your campaign full of cash is not an option for small business marketing strategies. 

You have to be creative and inventive, making every dollar invested in promotion count. 

In the current uncertain climate in the wake of the global pandemic, maximum efficiency at the smallest possible price becomes particularly important. 

So how does one achieve it? Let us take a look at the most promising small business marketing strategies that will help you milk your budget for all it is worth.

1 – Master the art of edgecraft

Edge Craft Marketing Strategies

Although advertising as an organised effort has been around for over a century and a half, …

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