πŸ‘‰ Bluehost vs Wix 2021 | Which Is Right for You? πŸ’₯ [Video]

πŸ‘‰ Bluehost vs Wix 2021 | Which Is Right for You? πŸ’₯

Watch this comparison between Bluehost and Wix website builder, and learn which is better in 2021for your specific needs.
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Bluehost vs Wix 2021 | Which Is Right for You? Transcript:
Hello everyone Carson here and in this video I just want to provide a quick comparison between Bluehost and Wix for you. Now, Bluehost and Wix are both very popular website builders or at least they have popular website builders in built into them. Even though technically Bluehost is a hosting platform and Wix kind of is as well. Wix focuses more on the website building, whereas Bluehost focuses more on the website hosting. In this video though, I am going to be breaking down a comparison between these two website builders telling you which one is better for you, and which one you should go with.

Now before we do get into this video, though, I’ve got links in the description where you can check out more details about this comparison and receive special discounts depending on the one you go with. So head down there and check it out. Remember to leave like subscribe and hit that notification bell. And now let’s get right into the content. Now a lot of people want to build websites, but not many people have the technical knowledge to do it. Because believe me, it’s not the easiest thing to get a grasp on. You’ve got to learn coding, you’ve got to learn all these different things. And it just gets really complicated, which is where website builders come into play. You really don’t need any technical knowledge to use a website builder. It’s just super straightforward and simple.

And Bluehost and Wix both offer a variation of a website builder. So I’m going to compare them and tell you which one’s better. Now, Wix is a very, very popular cloud based platform that essentially lets you build a website and get your website online and up and running very, very quickly. They’re extremely well known and odds are you’ve heard of them because they have over one or 16 million registered users, which is not a small amount at all. You can build pretty much any type of website with Wix, which is a big benefit. However, let me explain what Bluehost is. Now, unlike Wix Bluehost is not primarily a website builder. It’s actually a very popular website hosting platform. Bluehost offers website hosting capabilities, but they also have an inbuilt Site Builder that lets you build websites easily and quickly that with the help of the website builder that comes bundled in with each and every plan, you get a super easy drag and drop builder for HTML and CSS control and a bunch of different features like an integrated e commerce platform and hundreds of apps as well as a bunch of templates.

Now, blues actually offers better customer support than WIC so I’m gonna have to give it to them there because our customer support they offer it really well that is something which Bluehost is very well known for is their great customer support that offer the ability to contact them by phone, live support, or a chat ticket as well as an email, if that’s an option you want blues is also nearly half the price of Wix, which is yet another benefit because it comes with an inbuilt website builder, and is almost half the price. So you can’t beat that that really is a benefit to Bluehost. They also offer unlimited data transfer unlimited data storage, unlimited emails, and allow you to host multiple domains, none of which Wix offers. So in summary, Wix although it is very good and easy to use website builder, just in my opinion, doesn’t cut it and doesn’t offer all the features at the price I would want. Wix is very popular because it’s so straightforward. But the problem is a lot of people haven’t even tried out Bluehost. So they don’t know how easy and simple it can be. Because I guarantee you, you can go on Bluehost and 20 minutes later, after you’ve signed up, have a site up and running and ready to use. So in the end in this comparison, I’m definitely going to give this one to Bluehost because although they are both very good platforms in their own rights Bluehost In my opinion, just takes it over all and just provides better service.

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